At Cote, we are committed to creating a positive work environment and experience for our team. The following outlines our collective commitment to the culture we all desire, and how all team members should feel as part of our organization.

  • You feel respected, valued, and heard by your managers and colleagues.
  • ​You feel safe and trust in leadership to look out for your well-being.
  • ​You feel pride in your work, your contributions make a difference.
  • ​You feel empowered to voice your opinion and are given the proper tools to succeed.
  • ​You feel invested in by your managers and the organization with
    a career path that focuses on your growth potential.
  • ​You feel appreciated by your managers who frequently recognize achievements.
  • ​You feel excited and challenged at work as you strive for continual progress.
  • ​You feel included by your colleagues and leadership, who celebrate individualism.
  • ​You feel a sense of belonging to something special.
  • ​You feel informed through transparency from the company.

Cote Community Culture

CONNECTION – the ability to connect with others, especially during challenging times. Creating a feeling that you can be fully trusted. Deep and meaningful relationships start with a sense of connection.​

​​CLEAN COMMUNICATION – the commitment to say what must be said even though it feels uncomfortable. Saying it in a caring and compassionate way. Real communication is kind, and sometimes not necessarily nice. Think before sharing – is it true, is it kind and is it necessary.

COMPASSION – Caring about the individual – the being – and still honoring the work and contribution they are to make to the community. Compassion is about kindness and empathy and treating others the way they want to be treated.

– standing for that something special , which is far beyond the financial results. This allows everyone’s work to be equally valuable to the overall purpose, no matter the role. Everyone feels that their contribution matters and is vital to an extraordinary guest experience and hence their own experience. This in turn enables them to act in a collaborative manner.

– getting everyone ‘on the bus’ or getting them ‘off the bus’. Participation means to show up and be ‘all in”.

– owning your tasks and commitments, following up and following through. “Can I count on you?” Trust Factor!!