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Matt Russell serves as the Corporate Director of IT for Cote Family Companies. In addition to leading Cote’s internal IT team, which is responsible for day-to-day technical operations at all of its locations, he heads all Infrastructure planning and Cybersecurity initiatives. Matt’s focus is on scalable solutions and secure cloud technologies.

Previous to this role, he had spent the majority of his 15-year IT career in the Manufacturing Industry working for companies that specialize in precision metal parts and rapid prototyping. Working in a myriad of roles from Helpdesk Management, Systems and Network Administration, and DevOps. With a focus on efficiency and uptime, he brings these talents to the Hospitality Industry and Cote Family Companies.

When not in the office, Matt spends the majority of his time with his family. Together with his high school sweetheart of 18 years, Aimie, and him have two boys; Dezmond and Viktor, as well as a large Huskydoodle named Rocky. He enjoys Hiking, Bouldering, and getting together with friends.